The idea of getting Duran Duran into the Rock Hall of Fame we recognize as not a new one. In looking back, for example, we recognize the efforts of sites like DuranDuranfans.com who posted a petition in 2006 specific to Rock Hall votes for that year (http://www.petitiononline.com/duran06/petition-sign.html). We’ve also learned of notinhalloffame.com,  that focuses on many bands (including Duran Duran) it believes worthy of Hall of Fame induction. We also know (from response to our petition so far), that fans have wanted this for a long time and believe Duran Duran is long overdue for this honor.

Understanding this, we are grateful to those who have come before us or who currently spread a similar message…we recognize their efforts, and hope they and their fans will support us; we do believe that our effort is unique and most importantly, uniquely poised to deliver results .

Here’s why:

1. There is no other effort ‘specifically’ dedicated to Duran Duran and their induction to the Rock Hall of Fame (and none that we have found that has started in Cleveland, Ohio–home of the Rock Hall). Plus, our petition is not bound by year and we are committed to keeping it open for fans and decision makers for as long as it takes.

2.  We are a non-profit effort.  As such we are not driven by money or politics. Our drive is simply about gathering the voices of fans, musicians, and artists worldwide around this one simple idea: Duran Duran belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and its time for these voices to be heard.

3. We believe that since our effort has this kind of focus, it will have more power than one as an appendage to a fan page, as an unfocused effort, or as a good idea floating around. Plus, our commitment and everything we do is centered in this one goal…to do all we can to convince the Rock Hall of Fame (and its voting committees) to induct Duran Duran.

4. This means that everything we do we believe will have direct impact on accomplishing our goal. Bands influenced by Duran Duran research, research into Duran Duran and the media, research into Duran Duran community service efforts, promotions to our official petition (not just of fans, but also big names in the music industry–even those who are voters in the Rock Hall committee), multimedia /press efforts, and interviews with artists and bands are examples of things we are doing unique to our effort, that we believe will make the difference in our journey ahead.

5. We are not bound by country. Because we know that fans of Duran Duran exist in many parts of the world, and we believe there are many that want to speak up about the band, we are working to ensure our message reaches those who speak French, Italian, Spanish, and other languages in countries where Duran Duran fans reside. Efforts are currently underway (for example) to translate our messages into French, Spanish, and Italian as a start. Other languages will follow as our fan base and exposure to the market grows.

6. Finally, this effort is about Love. Love for the fans, love for Duran Duran, love for the music industry and love for the loyal supporters of the Duran Duran for the last 30 years. I would even go as far to say even love for our critics and detractors–for even our critics and detractors can help us in finding opportunity to flavor our message in such a way that is palatable to those we are trying to convince about the worthiness of our cause.